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School District of West Salem Information: School Closing Info

These are the radio and TV stations we use for school delays and closings. Please listen to these stations when inclement weather arises or check their websites. The decision to delay or close school is made as soon as possible and the stations are notified promptly. Please refrain from calling the radio stations and the schools as it ties up the phone for necessary calls.

Please discuss with your children what to do if school is unexpectedly dismissed early. Any preparations made in advance will make a hectic time run a little smoother.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

Students and parents can check school closings and delays on the following radio/TV stations:
WIZM - 1410 A.M. WCOW - 97.1 F.M.
Z-93 - 93.3 F.M. WRQT - 95.7 F.M.
WKTY - 580 A.M. KCLH - 94.7 F.M.
KQYB - 98.3 F.M. KQEG - 102.7 F.M.
WLXR - 104.9 F.M. WQCC - 106.3 F.M.
WLFN - 1490 A.M. WKBH - 100.1 F.M.
WFBZ - 105.5 F.M. WKLJ - 1290 A.M.
WXOW - TV-19 WKBT - TV-8