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Substitute Bus Drivers

Looking for part-time?
Already have a Class B CDL?
School District of West Salem is in need of Substitute Bus Drivers.

The School District of West Salem is accepting applications for Substitute bus drivers for the school year. WILL TRAIN. Substitute applications are available at www.wsalem.k12.wi.us or by calling the District Office at 608-786-0700. Submit the substitute application to the District Office at 405 East Hamlin Street, West Salem, WI 54669.  The substitute driver rate is $18.40 for the 2017-18 school year.

Click here for a map of Village bus stops, drivers and bus loading at the Elementary (Revised 8/2018). 

Bus Rider Permission Slips

Transportation Staff

Rick Kline, Director

Roger Auna, Mechanic
Liz Jostad, Transportation Assistant
Ashley Tauscher, Route 1
Stan Tauscher, Route 2
Kathy Morgan, Route 7
Carla Friet, Route 8/4K
Dick Erickson, Route 9
Eric Manke, Route 10
Chris Norman, Route 12
Kevin Bina, Route 13
Carol Kotek, Route 14

Gary Miller, Route 20
Bob Vick, Route 21

J. Antony, Route 22


John Hentges, Route 23


Betty Hanson, Route 25


Bonnie Kortbein, Route 27

Curt Berg, Route 28


Tom Lord, Route 29


Richard Kline
Transportation Director
608 786-4356

Liz Jostad
Transportation Assistant
608 786-4356

Monica Quinn
Administrative Assistant
608 786-0700 ext 2306