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Knowledge is free at the library. Just bring your own container. - Unknown

Frequently Asked Questions...

  1. Q: What should I do if my child brings home an overdue notice for a book I think was already returned?

    A: Many times a child will return books to school, but forget to bring them to the library. Occasionally, the library barcode scanner will misread a barcode and the book is on the shelf in the library.  Please call us if you keep getting overdue notices for a book already returned. We do not charge overdue fines.
  2. Q: What do I do if my child brings home a book above his/her reading level?

    A: This is an excellent opportunity to read some or all of the book to your child. If the book is really long, you could look at the pictures together. As children become more skilled readers they will get better at choosing books for more independent reading.
  3. Q: What if my child damages or loses a book?

    A: The library staff will gently talk to a child who has returned a damaged book. A note or email will be sent home regarding the damaged book. We ask that students make some type of restitution for the damaged item. This may be paying for the damaged book, replacing the book or "doing something nice for the library," depending on the amount of damage. We stress having students take responsibility for the damage and we feel that replacing the item creates the most tangible lesson. If a book is lost, a replacement of the exact title or similar title is preferred. Please ask the librarian for suggestions. Only books with a copyright within the last two years or books that are very popular, will be considered for a replacement. We also have an Amazon Wishlist. Feel free to use it for replacements and donations to the LMC!
  4. Q: What if my child returns a book to the LMC that belongs to the public library, or accidently returned a WSES book to the public library?

A. No worries! The book(s) will eventually end up in the right place. The scanners at both libraries will not read each other's barcodes, so the librarians will set those books aside. The school library media specialist will deliver any public library books returned to the school LMC and pick up any books belonging to the school library.


LMC Classes: LMC Classes are 30 minutes once a week. Students have fun learning about:



book care

digital citizenship 

computer skills

iPad skills


reference skills

research skills

connecting and communicating with others

Reading to your child includes many benefits, such as improved:



attention span

listening skills


success in reading

background knowledge

Your child may check out two books at a time and may have a total of 4 out at any one time. If classes are doing research this number will be adjusted upward.

Students may come to the library with a pass throughout the day to check out books.

Internet Safety

Safe and appropriate use of the internet is stressed during LMC time. 

Library Related School Policies

Policies can be found on the District page under Board of Education > Policies > 360 Instructional Resources and Services.



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