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Digital Citizenship

Garfield Internet Safety Safety Land Webonauts
Smart Crew


The UYN Internet Safety Game


Digital Footprint Video

Don't Buy it Admongo

Truth or Spoof

Truth or Spoof
Evaluation Practice
Website #1 on Frogs
Website #2 on Frogs


Website Evaluation Tutorial

Fact Vs. Opinion Practice Blinky's Fact Vs. Opinion Fact Vs. Opinion Practice (5th Grade)
Copyright Kids Study Stack
It's About Copyright!
Copyright Terms
Faux Paw the Techno Cat

You Tube Copyright School


Digital Passport


Common Sense Media

Pause & Think Online Video


Common Sense Media

Power of Words Video

Common Sense Media

Super Digital Citizen Video


Common Sense Media

Follow the Digital Trail



Common Sense Media

My Online Neighborhood



Common Sense Media

Mindful Messaging


Common Sense Media Assessments  



For grades 3-5



Keyboard Climber  
Big Brown Bear



Typing Jets

  Dance Mat Tip: If your keyboard doesn't respond, click on the letter with your mouse!

Typing.com sign up

(For new accounts only. If you have an account, click on the typing.com image in the top row of this Keyboarding section)

Level 1 Stage 1 (Home Row)

Level 1 Stage 2 (e and i)

Level 1 Stage 3 (r and u)

 Level 2 Stage 4 (t and y)

Level 2 Stage 5 (w and o)


Level 2 Stage 6 (q and p)

Level 3 Stage 7 (v and m)

 Level 3 Stage 8 (b and n)


Level 3 Stage 9 (c and , )

Level 4 Stage 10 (x and z) 

Level 4 Stage 11 ( / and . ) 

Level 4 Stage 12 (Shift Keys) 


Typing Games









Make Beliefs Comics

Photo Editor

Photo Editor

Photo Editor

Word Cloud Creator

Word Cloud Creator

Greeting Card Maker