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What is PBIS?

Gayle Lassen, School Counselor and PBIS Coach at West Salem Elementary School, explains:

Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) is simple: We teach students the behaviors we expect to see. We don't assume that every student comes through our doors with the same understanding of what "good" behavior is, so we teach it. We make it explicit. We model, practice, re-teach, and re-model if necessary. And when students display the positive behavior that we expect to see, we acknowledge it and celebrate their success. At West Salem we have 3 basic and universal expectations for our students and staff. #1 - Be Safe #2 - Be Responsible #3 - Be Respectful. We call it "The West Salem Way". As a way of introducing our expectations to students, we have created short films in different school settings to exemplify what safe, responsible and respectful look like, sound like and mean for them. We use non-examples to hook students and get their attention, as well as teach them what NOT to do. More importantly we use positive examples to make our expectations clear, teach common language, and show students what we DO want to see.
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