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Team 5019 Gearbox Heroes

Team 5019, the Gearbox Heroes, is West Salem's FIRST robotics team. Students will design, fabricate, and program a functional robot to compete in a game setting. Games in the past have consisted of sports-related themes like basketball and ultimate frisbee, or social themes like Steampunk and Medieval/Renaissance. The physical size of the robots must be able to fit through standard door frames and weigh less than 120 pounds.

We welcome any student from grades 9-12 to be a part of this challenging, yet rewarding team! College/University scholarships are available to active participants. If you are interested, please see Mr. Mathison, or send an email to westsalemrobotics5019@gmail.com


Faculty Advisor

Erik Mathison 

Email: mathison.erik@wsalem.k12.wi.us

Phone: (608)-786-1220 x 2311