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Breakfast in the Classroom to Continue

02/01/2016 11:08 am

School Board Votes to Continue Program

After completing the Breakfast in the Classroom pilot in the elementary school, the West Salem School Board has decided to continue the program throughout the remainder of the year.

Kerri Feyen, Director of Nutrition Services, presented a report at the board meeting on Monday, January 25, based on a recent survey about the program. The findings showed around 190 students participate in Breakfast in the Classroom daily, including 40% of free and reduced meal participants. Previously, only 75 students, 20% free and reduced, were participating in the breakfast program.

Although teachers still have some concerns, Feyen plans to continue monitoring progress and conducting more surveys in the spring.

“Many of your comments were taken into consideration and will help us to improve on the nutritional offerings, the types of items we are serving, the manner in which food is delivered, and future scheduling,” Feyen said, in regards to the previous survey.

Breakfast in the Classroom was started to provide students a nutritious start to their day, especially those that did not arrive early enough at school to partake in traditional breakfast.

Feyen pointed out the three main reasons Breakfast in the Classroom was started were:

  • Access to breakfast: Many students were getting to school with little to no time to eat in the morning.

  • Student need: West Salem has 428 students that are eligible for free breakfast, but few were taking advantage. With more students participating now, this opportunity cuts down on cost and chaos at home before school.

  • Nutritional value: Studies show that a full meal in the morning cuts down on obesity rates, trips to the school nurse, better attendance rates and higher test scores.

The program will continue throughout the rest of the year, and the Board will decide in May whether it will continue in the 2016-2017 school year.



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