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Congratulations Retirees!

05/31/2016 1:31 pm

Congratulations to all the 2016 retirees! Thank you for all of your time, hard work, and dedication. We will miss you!

Loretta "Profe" Zwonitzer, High School Spanish

Mrs. Zwonitzer began teaching to WSHS students over the CESA IV telephone network in 1985, and she began in-house teaching in 1986.

When she came to West Salem, there was only an exploratory Spanish class at the middle school and some elementary teachers who included Spanish lessons in their curriculum.  However, there was not a high school program.  The local community voted overwhelmingly to have Spanish added to the high school curriculum, so Mrs. Zwonitzer was hired, and the middle/high school program began.

Over the last 30 years, the program has grown and flourished.  Mrs. Zwonitzer says she is very proud of the graduates of the Spanish program, and all that they have accomplished. Besides teaching, she has served on many committees and advised many clubs and competitions over the years.

Mrs. Zwonitzer says her favorite part of teaching is, and always will be, the connections made with everyone in the educational community.  She has been inspired by some of the greatest servant leaders that West Salem has had to offer, including students, the support staff, the community, the Board of Education, the administration, and, of course, the faculty. 

To future educators, Mrs. Zwonitzer says: “To those who will continue to educate, I'd say; You are the true heroes.  You give of yourselves with your whole heart every single day.  When times seem dark, as they do, remember to lift up your head, and lead with your heart.  This is the time and the place that you have been given to live in.  Speak well of it, see the good in it, ENJOY it, and do all that you can do to make it the best place and time to live.



Michael Zwonitzer, Grade 7 & 8 Science

Mr. Zwonitzer started at West Salem in 1992. Besides teaching middle school science, he established the West Salem Sharks Swim Team. From 1992 – 2001, he was the pool director, swim instructor, and swim team coach.

His favorite thing about teaching is teaching middle school level learners about the environment, because they are such curious individuals. His favorite part of each school year was taking the 7th graders to the OEC for the spring camp out.

To future teachers, Mr. Zwonitzer’s advice is to “really get to know each student and teach to their learning style.”

Connie Troyanek, School Nurse Coordinator

Mrs. Troyanek joined the West Salem School District staff as the School Nurse in 2001, and she has loved every minute of her time here.  Her role as school nurse has given her the pleasure of being in all three buildings and working with exceptional staff and incredible students. She feels lucky to have one of the unique positions that allows her to watch the students as they grow up from 4K to high school graduates.  She has developed many close bonds with students and says they feel like her own children!

Mrs. Troyanek also has been fortunate to accompany students on many of the field trips. Accompanying classes or groups on trips allows all students, regardless of their abilities, to go when their parents aren’t able to.  She says she has loved being a part of the West Salem family and will miss everyone!



Randy Dammon, High School Science

Mr. Dammon began teaching at West Salem in 1993, when he started as the Physical Science and pre-Algebra teacher and was the Athletic Director. Since then, he has also taught Physics and Chem topics. Prior to West Salem, Mr. Dammon taught in Belmont and at Aquinas High School.

Besides teaching, Mr. Dammon was the wrestling coach at West Salem from 2009 – 2015. His teams won three conference titles and he had one individual win a state title. He has also been involved in taking teams to the Science Olympiad and Science Club trips.

Mr. Dammon says his favorite part of teaching is, of course, the kids. Every class is different, and every year is different. It never gets boring. One of his favorite activities was the annual trip to Great America with the Physics class.

To future teachers, Mr. Dammon says “Enjoy the job. When you stop enjoying the job, get out of teaching.  Also get involved in politics to help elect pro education politicians that won't pass law that damage schools in a misguided effort to save tax payers money.”



Donna Bruemmer, Bus Driver: 1992 – 2016

Rene’e Ziebell, Paraprofessional: 1996 – 2015

David Rogers, Maintenance: 1996 – 2015

Greg Kirscher, Custodian: 2001 – 2016

Rick Martinson, Elementary Teacher: 1996 – 2016

Jon Lewis, Teacher/Grounds: 1975-2004 (teacher) & 2004 – 2016 (grounds)



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