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Devin Bahr Named Tribune Wrestler of the Year

04/11/2016 11:12 am

By TODD SOMMERFELDT todd.sommerfeldt@lee.net, La Crosse Tribune

WEST SALEM — Devin Bahr really has no idea where his wrestling future after high school will take him.

His professional career plans — right now, anyway — include something associated with the field of physical therapy or sports management, but finding a place to study goes hand in hand with finding a new place to wrestle when he is ready to leave West Salem.

Bahr isn’t just a good wrestler, he’s an elite one. The evidence is apparent when looking at the list of NCAA Division I schools talking to him about joining their teams.

Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, Purdue and North Carolina State, Bahr said, have had the most contact with him. None has yet offered a scholarship, but that’s likely just a matter of time.

Bahr is still a junior and has plenty of time to figure out which school fits him the best.

“I love the (recruiting) process because I love meeting all of these coaches and learning about all of these schools.

“It’s exciting to be able to talk to those guys about my future like this.”

Bahr is drawing this kind of interest — in part — because he won the second WIAA state championship of his career at the end of February. More impressive that that, however, is the 123-1 record he’s built since joining the West Salem/Bangor program as a freshman.

And that loss, by the way, was the result of an injury default after a blow to his knee wiped out the second half of his sophomore season.

The dominant way Bahr came back from his injury and won all 50 of his matches made him the Tribune’s wrestler of the year. He finished his junior season with a 13-7 decision over Wrightstown’s Josh Verbeten in a Division 2 152-pound title match at the Kohl Center in Madison.

Read the full story here.

                                                     Photo courtesy of Rory O'Driscoll, La Crosse Tribune

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