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New WS Breakfast Program Looks to Close Nutrition Gap

01/22/2016 10:07 am


Article from Coulee News, Written by Tobias Mann

Nearly half of Chris Antony’s first-grade glass was gobbling down hotcakes as the bell rang signaling the start of another day of learning a West Salem Elementary.

Late last year, the elementary school made the switch to serving breakfast in the classroom in an effort to better serve the growing number of students who qualify for free or reduced-price school meals.

“It’s going great. Three to five kids a day who take it, then they tune in for the morning meeting,” fourth-grade teacher Jesse McKinney said.

School district nutrition director Kerri Feyen said they have seen a tremendous increase in the number of students taking advantage of the school’s breakfast offerings.

She said 20 percent more students who qualify for free breakfast are getting fed, and now 14 percent more students who qualify for reduced-price breakfast also are getting something to eat.

“I would be happy if that number were a little bit higher,” Feyen said.

“It shows that those kids needed a consistent breakfast,” fourth-grade teacher Andrea Ihle said.

Feyen said they also saw the number of students eating breakfast who didn’t qualify for free or reduced prices increase from 5 to 15 percent in the same time period.

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