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West Salem Senior Experiences an Extra Special Prom Night

05/09/2016 9:41 am

By Tianna Vanderhei, Multi-Media Journalist, WXOW


Prom marked a night to remember for two students at West Salem High School.

It was all thanks to Carlie Burkhard, a junior at West Salem High School and her decision to ask an unexpected date to the dance. 

"I just thought, why not make someone's day special and I can tell he's having the time of his life. So, I just thought, I've known Keith since first grade and I could just make his day. I see him in band every day and I was like, I can ask him in band and it all just came together so quick," said Burkhardt.

Carlie decided to ask Keith Stachowitz, a senior who hadn't attended prom before to the dance since students can only attend if they are a junior or are asked by a junior.

Darlene Stachowitz, Keith's mom, said he was absolutely thrilled.

"He was just bouncing off the walls, he was so excited that he got to go to prom because he knew that the only way he would be able to go was if a junior girl asked him since he's a senior," said Stachowitz.

Keith is non-verbal and uses sign language, gestures, and his trusty iPad to communicate. In addition, he has epilepsy, but his disabilities don't hold him back. 

His classmates, teachers, and family express that he's a very social person and is always smiling. 

Carlie said after losing her father one year ago in a traumatic car accident, seeing Keith so happy brought joy to her heart. 

Read the full story, and see the video here.

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