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What is #WeAreWS?

04/25/2016 11:07 am

You may have seen it on the website, signs, and social media, but what exactly is #WeAreWS? Though for some it is second nature, others are left scratching their head.

What is a hashtag?

Whenever you see the pound (#) sign, followed by a phrase, word, or numbers, it’s called a hashtag. No spaces are used, and it does not matter if words are capitalized. So, #WeAreWS, is considered a hashtag.

Why are hashtags used?
Hashtags are used to create a searchable link that allows content to be organized by a common topic. Using a hashtag is a way to get in on the virtual conversation. So, if you tweet using #WeAreWS, your tweet will show up if someone searches #WeAreWS. Bottom line - all the tweets using #WeAreWS are organized together. Think of it as a filing system, using the same keywords to organize different papers. If you searched #WeAreWS on Twitter, this is what would pop up:



Notice how all of the tweets have the hashtag #WeAreWS. The same goes for Facebook.


What’s the point of using a hashtag?

Hashtags are a great way to get the community involved in a conversation.  By using #WeAreWS, everyone can share their stories and photos. There are so many wonderful things happening in the district, and social media (using #WeAreWS of course!) is an effective and simple way to share the stories.


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