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Our mission is to provide a focused, rigorous, and relevant educational opportunity for
students who have a passion for the industrial technology areas.


Our vision is for students to complete all high school academic requirements and be provided a year-round
opportunity taking advantage of campus educational opportunities at various job sites. 
The academy utilizes the Student ASE competencies to ensure the students are being trained in industry
developed and approved career specific tasks. 


  • Business and community partnerships are the key to providing a viable 21st Century workforce
  • Academic success leads to a knowledgeable and skilled 21st Century workforce 
  • Effective professional and student learning are relevant, rigorous, and project based 
  • Career pathways provide focus and direction for post-secondary and workforce opportunities 
  • Career and technical student organizations (Skills USA) provide leadership opportunities, enhance learning, and promote graduation 
  • Strong work ethics yield a more enjoyable, responsible, and productive 21st Century workforce 
  • Work-based learning gives students practical experiences and develops confidence  


Scott Martin
Technology Education
(608) 786-1220 x 2135

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