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If your child will be absent from school, PLEASE call the office at 608-786-2090 or email Stephanie before 7:50 in the morning. (You may also call ahead with any pre-planned absences.  We will document it so you will not have to call again the day of the absence.) If you receive the voicemail box, leave a message that includes your child’s name, grade, and the reason for the absence.  If your child is ill, please be specific with his/her symptoms.  We are tracking symptoms closely because of COVID-19 in addition to the regular requirement by state law to report numbers of students ill with strep throat, stomach flu, colds, and chicken pox, so it is important that we have accurate count.  We do not report student names, just numbers.  If your child’s absence is not called into the school in a timely manner, it is considered an unexcused absence.

Please remember that any time a student misses an online learning class, the office must be notified via email or phone, even if it’s due to internet or Zoom issues. Please remind your student that they are welcome to call the office with questions about schedules or basic technical issues (608-786-2090). Major issues, such as connectivity or iPad/charger problems require submission of a help desk ticket via the district website or a call to the Emergency Tech Support line at 608-786-5319.

If your child needs to be picked up for an appointment, please send a note, email Stephanie, or call the office as far in advance as possible so that your child can be given an out pass in advance.  We appreciate advance notification, as it eliminates the need for us to find your student at the last minute. If your child returns with a medical or dental appointment verification form, it is not counted toward the 10 days allowed for your child to be absent from school.  Thank you for your cooperation in keeping your child’s attendance up to date and informing the school of absences in a timely manner.
Thank you,
Stephanie Pearson

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