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Every year, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction uses report cards to measure important pieces of data and provide information to families about school districts and the schools within these districts. These report cards measure areas in which the school district excels, and also areas in which it could use improvement. To learn more about School & District Report Cards, please click here. Please see below for the latest report cards for the School District of West Salem, West Salem Elementary School, West Salem Middle School and West Salem High School. Please note, data is released in late fall of the following school year for the previous year's measurements. If you have any questions regarding this data, please contact Deanna Wiatt, Director of Curriculum and Instruction at wiatt.deanna@wsalem.k12.wi.us or (608)-786-0700.

School District of West Salem Report Cards
2018-2019 District Report Card
2017-2018 District Report Card
2016-2017 District Report Card
2015-2016 District Report Card

West Salem Elementary School Report Cards
2018-2019 WSES Report Card
2017-2018 WSES Report Card
2016-2017 WSES Report Card
2015-2016 WSES Report Card

West Salem Middle School Report Cards
2018-2019 WSMS Report Card
2017-2018 WSMS Report Card
2016-2017 WSMS Report Card
2015-2016 WSMS Report Card

West Salem High School Report Cards
2018-2019 WSHS Report Card
2017-2018 WSHS Report Card
2016-2017 WSHS Report Card
2015-2016 WSHS Report Card



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