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School District of West Salem Board of Education Policies & Procedures


110 Educational Philosophy
110 School District Mission, Vision, Key Performance Initiatives 
111 Harassment and Bullying
111 Exhibit, Discrimination Complaint Form 

120 School District Legal Status
120 School District Legal Status

130 School Board Legal Status
130 School Board Legal Status
131 School Board Elections
132 Removal of School Board Officers
133 Filling School Board Vacancies

140 Officers, Auxiliary Personnel of the District
141 School Board Officer Duties
142 School Attorney

150 School Board Powers and Duties
150 School Board Powers and Duties
151 Policy and Procedure Development, Revision and Deletion
151.1 Policy Review Evaluation and Dissemination
151.3 Administration in Policy Absence
151.4 Board Review of Administrative Rules

160 School Board Members
161 School Board Member Authority
162 New Board Member Orientation
163 School Board Member Development Opportunities
164 School Board Member Compensation
165 Board Member Ethics

170 School Board Meetings
171 Regular School Board Meetings
171.1 Public Notification of School Board Meetings and Required Legal Notices
171.2 Agenda Preparation
171.3 Board Member Use of Electronic Mail
171.4 Remote Participation In Board Meetings
172 Special School Board Meetings
173 Executive Sessions (Closed Sessions)
174 Board Organizational Meeting
175 Annual District Meeting
176 Special District Meetings

180 Operating Procedures
181 Rules of Order
182 Quorum
183 Voting Method
184 Minutes
185 Board Committees
186 Citizen Participation at Board Meetings
187 Discussions
188 WASB State Convention


210 Administration Goals

220 Administration
(NOTE: General personnel policies found in the Series 500: Personnel section also applies to administrators.)
211 Professional School Administrator Code of Ethics
221 Recruitment and Appointment of Administrators
222 Administrative Contracts
223 Administrator Development Opportunities
224 Board-Administrator Relations

230 Administrative Team
230 Administrative Team

240 Supervisory Personnel

250 Administrative Operations
251 Organization for Administrative Purposes
252 Administrative Committees
253 Policy Implementation
253.1 Development of Administrative Rules
253.2 Development of Handbooks

260 Temporary Administrative Arrangements
260 Temporary Administrative Arrangements

270 School District Reports
270 School District Reports


310 Instructional Goals

320 General Organizational Plan
321 School Calendar/Year
322 School Day
323 Ceremonies and Observances
323.1 Special Observance Days
323.1 Exhibit Special Observance Days

330 Curriculum Development
330 Curriculum Development
330- Exhibit 1 – Curriculum Development Schedule
330- Exhibit 2 – Curriculum Development Process
331 Standards Aligned Curriculum
332 Curriculum Evaluation

340 Educational Program
341 Basic Instructional Program
341.1 Education for Employment
341.2 Instruction
342.1 Local Agency Special Education Program
342.2 Programs for Children at Risk
342.3 Gifted and Talented Program
342.3 - Exhibit 1 Gifted and Talented Program
342.4 District Parent Involvement
342.5 Title I District Parent Involvement
343.11 Youth Options Program
343.7 Online Learning
345.1 Grading Systems
345.2 Reporting Student Progress and Achievements to Parents
345.4 Grade Advancement
345.4 Exhibit 1 - Promotion - Grade 8
345.5 Graduation
345.51 Early Graduation
345.52 Commencement Ceremony
345.7 Graduation Date
345.8 Retention of Students
346 Standardized Testing Programs
346-Rule,Testing Guidelines
347 Student Records
347-Rule, Guidelines for the Maintenance and Confidentiality of Student Records
348 Home Schooling
349 Senior Exit Project

350 Extended Instructional Programs
351 Summer School
353 School Forest/Outdoor Education Center

360 Instructional Resources and Services
361 Selection and Reconsideration of Instructional Materials
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
Appendix E
Appendix F
Appendix G
361.1 Acceptable Use of Technology
361.1 Exhibit 1 Acceptable Use of Technology Consent Form
361.2 Interlibrary Loan Policy
361.3 Copyright Compliance
361.4 Technology Concerns for Students with Special Needs
362 Guidance Program
363 Web Publishing
363-Rule District Website and Other News Organizations Parent Non-Permission

370 Co-Curricular Activities
370 Co-Curricular Activities
370-Rule A, Middle School Co-Curricular Activity Eligibility Requirements and Code of Conduct
370-Rule B, High School Co-Curricular Activity Eligibility Requirements and Code of Conduct
371 Student Organizations
372 Student Publications
373 Student Social Activities
374 Student Fundraising Activities
375 Student Activity Funds Management
376 Student Participation in Competitions
376-Rule, District Funding of Student Participation in Competitions
377 Interscholastic Athletics
378 Academic Integrity
378-Rule, Academic Integrity

380 Miscellaneous Instruction Policies
384 Animals on School Grounds


410 Student Policies Goals
411 Equal Educational Opportunities
411-Rule, Discrimination Complaint Procedures
411-Exhibit (1), Notice of Equal Educational Opportunities Policy
411-Exhibit (2), Notification to Complainant of Right to Appeal
412.1 Full-time Students

420 School Admissions
420 School Admissions
420-Rule, Admission of Transfer Students
421 Entrance Age
422.1 Foreign Exchange Students
423 Early Admission to Five-Year-Old Kindergarten and First Grade
424 Delayed Entry into Five-Year-Old Kindergarten
425 Public Open Enrollment
425-Rule, Procedures for Dealing with Public School Open Enrollment Applications
426 Homeless Children and Youths

430 Student Attendance
431 Compulsory Student Attendance
431-Rule, Student Attendance Administrative Procedures
432.1 Released Time for Religious Instruction
433 Class Exemption and Assignment Requests
433-Rule, Procedures for Board Consideration of Class Exemption and Assignment Requests
434 Academic Dishonesty

440 Student Rights and Responsibilities
441 Student Due Process
441-Rule, Student Complaint Procedure
442.1 Student Representatives to the Board
442.1- Rule, Guidelines for Student Representation
442.2 Student Council
443 Student Conduct and Discipline
443.1 Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs
443.2 Student Conduct on School Buses
443.3 Use of Two-Way Communication Devices
444 Married Students and School-Age Parents
445 Student Questioning and/or Removal by Non-School Personnel
44 5-Rule, Guidelines for Questioning and/or Removing a Student
446 Student Search
447 Rules Governing Short and Long Term Removal From Class
447.1 Use of Seclusion and Physical Restraint in Schools
447.2 Detentions
447.3 Student Suspension/Expulsion
448 Gang and Gang Related Activities
449 Locker Room Privacy

450 Student Health and Welfare
451 Student Insurance
8510 Wellness
453.1 Emergency Nursing Services
453.1a Recommended Procedure for Emergency and First Aid Care in the School Setting
453. 1b Recommended Procedure for Emergency and First Aid Care at Extra-curricular Practices and Events, Field Trips and Out of District Events
453.2 Communicable Diseases
453.4 Medication Administration
453.5 Automatic External Defibrillator
454 Child Abuse and Neglect
455.1 Student Motor Vehicle Use
456 Student Assistance Program

460 Student Awards and Scholarships
460- Rule, Wisconsin Academic Excellence Higher Education Scholarship Tie-Breaking Procedure

470 Student Fees

480 Student Employment
481 Student Expression
484 Scheduling Student Activities/Practices


510 Personnel Policies Goals
511 Equal Employment Opportunities
511-Rule, Employee Discrimination Complaint Procedures
512 Pre-Employment Criminal Background Checks
514 Job Descriptions

520 General Personnel Policies
521 Staff Involvement in Decisionmaking
522.1 Drug-Free Workplace
522.1-Rule (1), Drug-Free Workplace Guidelines
522.1-Rule (2), Employee Discipline/Referral Procedures
522.11 Bus Driver Alcohol and Drug Testing
522.11-Rule, Procedures for Bus Driver Drug and Alcohol Testing
522.2 Staff Misconduct
522.2-Rule, Guidelines for Reporting Staff Misconduct
522.3 Staff Sales or Solicitations
522.71 Staff use of Social Media
523.1 Health Examinations
523.2 Bloodborne Pathogens
523.3 Employee Assistance Program
524 Personnel Records
525 Staff Grievances
526 Staff Evaluation
527 Family Medical Leave Act
528 Staff Concerns
529 District Vehicle Driver Requirements

530 Instructional Staff Policies
532.3 Staff Leaves and Absences
533 Employment of Personnel
534 Substitute Teachers
537 Instructional Staff Development Opportunities

540 Non-Instructional Staff Policies
541.7 Volunteer Policy
542.5 Non-Instructional Staff Holidays and Vacations 
545 Chaperones/Attendees for High School Overnight School Sponsored Excursions
545.1 Chaperones/Attendees for Middle School Overnight School Sponsored Excursions
545.3 Educational Day Field Trip/Co-Curricular Transportation


620 Annual Operating Budget

650 Revenues
651 Revenues from Local Tax Sources
653 Gate Receipts and Admissions
653.1 Free Admissions
654 Outdoor Education Center/Forest Revenues

660 Management of Funds
662.2 Fund Balance
662.3 Scholarship Funds
663 Bonded Employees and Officers
664 Cash in School Buildings
665 Copy/Fax Fee Revision

670 Expenditures
671.1 Payday Schedules
671.2 Expense Reimbursements
671.2-Rule, Expense Reimbursement Guidelines
672 Purchasing
672-Rule, Purchasing Procedures
672.1 Bidding Practices
672.2 Purchasing Instructional Materials
672.2- Rule, Procedures for Purchasing Instructional Materials
673 Payment Procedures
674 Heider Center Funds
675 Petty Cash
675 - Exhibit 1 Petty Cash Voucher
676 – Rule, Student Activity Fund Management

680 Fiscal Accounting and Reporting
680 Returned Checks
681 Fraud Reporting
681 - Rule, Fraud Reporting Procedures
682 Financial Reports Statements
683 Inventories

690 Disposal of School Property
690 Sale and/or Disposal of Equipment/Materials


710 Support Services Goals

720 School Safety Program
723 Crisis Plans
723.3 School Closing Due to Weather or Other Emergencies
723.7 School Closing Due to Infectious Disease
724 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

730 Buildings and Grounds Management
731 Buildings and Grounds Security
731.2 Key Control
732 Buildings and Grounds Maintenance
733 Energy Conservation
734 Staff Personal Items Utilized In School
735 Integrated Pest Management
736 Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Management Plan

740 Material Resource Management

750 Transportation Services Management
751 Student Transportation Services
751.1 Bus Routing and Scheduling
751.2 School Bus Safety Program
751.3 Exhibit, Waiver of Reimbursement
751.5 Use of video monitoring systems on school buses
753 School Vehicles
754 Replacement of School Buses

760 Food Services Management
761 Meal Charge - Unpaid Meal Account Policy
764 Food Safety
765 Jane Doe Fund

770 Office Services Management
771.1-Rule, Computer Software Copyright Guidelines

780 Insurance Management


810 School-Community Relations Goals
811 Community Involvement in Decision-Making

820 Public Information Program
821.1 District Newsletter
821.2 Press Releases
821.5 District Use of Social Media
822 Electronic Media
823 Access to Public Records
823-Rule, Guidelines for Access to Public Records
823-Exhibit (1) Notice to the Public
823-Exhibit (2) Notice to Employees
824 Records Retention

830 Facility Use, Excluding Center for the Arts
830-Rule, Facility Use Requests
830 - Exhibit, Fee Schedule
830 - Exhibit 2 Use of School Vehicle Charges
830.1 Marie W. Heider Fine Arts Center Use
830.2 Heider Meeting Room/Art Gallery Use Policy
830.3 District Fitness Center/Indoor Track
831 Alcohol Tobacco And Other Drugs On School Property
832 Weapons on School Premises
833 Presence on School Premises
834 Public Conduct While on School Premises or at School Events
835 Use of School Equipment and/or Furniture Outside of Building by Staff - Students - Community

840 Public Gifts to the Schools
840.1 Memorials
841 Naming School Facilities
842 Copyright Compliance

850 Public Solicitations/Advertising in the Schools
851 Public Solicitations/Advertising in the Panther Community Center

860 Visitors to the Schools

870 Public Complaints
871 Public Complaints About Instructional Materials

880 Relations with Community and Governmental Organizations
881 Relations with Families and Community

890 Relations with Education Agencies
891.1 Cooperative Education Programs


901 Superintendent


2260 Nondiscrimination and Access to Equal Educational Opportunity
2260.01 Section 504/ADA Prohibition Against Discrimination Based on Disability
2266 Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex in Education Programs or Activities
8510 Wellness


Integrated Pest Management Plan
442.2 Bus Rider Rules and Disciplinary Action Procedures
190 Recognition of Accomplishments
Online Learning Guidebook
Grievance Procedure


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