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Facility Use

Below is the West Salem District facility use calendar. If you wish to book an area of the school please consult the calendar for the area, date, and time. You may 'sort' for a facility area to focus your search. Please be aware that this calendar is updated frequently and an area you see currently open may not be available. School events take priority to all other events.

Facilities Booking Form

If you would like to book an event at one of the West Salem School District facilities please click here and fill out the online form for your request. Prior to filling out the form, please read through Policy 7510-Use of District Facilities Excluding Center for the Arts which details the rules governing the use of our facilities. You will be notified if the event is approved or if there is a conflict at your requested time.

To reserve the Heider Center Auditorium or the dance studio please contact Dan Heerts at (608) 786-1220 ext. 2360.

To reserve the Heider Meeting Room or the Eugene Ertz Conference Room please contact the District Office,
(608) 786-0700 ext. 2306.

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