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Educational Programming

Students in the School District of West Salem have the opportunity to visit the OEC frequently throughout the school year for educational field trips and experiences. Other school groups are welcome to visit the OEC as well. Groups may choose from existing programs or customize educational lessons that support the current curriculum of your school. Environmental concepts relating to habitat, plant and animal adaptation, survival skills, wildlife management, outdoor adventure and environmental citizenship, to name a few.  The education coordinator, along with volunteers, facilitates programming. 
Sample Programming:


Rotation 1

Rotation 2


Owl Activity/Lodge

Rotation 3

Rotation 4

Closure/Clean Up

*Rotations include a hike (students observe natural habitats of animals), thicket (game that teaches students about camouflage in nature), muskox (game that teaches students about adaptations in prey/predator relationships), and a scavenger hunt leading to a tree fort.

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