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Student Online Safety

Here is what the school does:

Filtering Websites:
A web filter is a program that screens incoming web pages to determine whether they are safe to be displayed. The district's own WiFi network is CIPA compliant and thus blocks known sites associated with mature or violent content and security threats such as malware.

  • On Campus: All devices that join the West Salem School District's wifi network are filtered according to District policies.
  • Off Campus: As of August 2023, all student-issued District devices are filtered off campus as well as on-campus according to the same content filtering policies.

Note: It is NOT possible for the district to filter students' personal cell phones, tablets or other non-district devices when they are accessing a cellular data network.

Reports showing internet usage are available for school administration.
    --Additionally, all keystrokes are monitored on all high school students' laptops  

Grades K-8: Our school district device management software is currently limiting app downloads, blocking Facetime, in-app purchases, iMessage,  playback of explicit music or podcasts and explicit sexual content in iBooks. Media content rating is set appropriately per grade level. 

Grades 9-12: Our district device management software is currently blocking Messages and FaceTime.

--The controls above are active 24/7/365, regardless of physical location of the device.
--Parental control apps are currently not available on district-owned ipads or laptops.


Here is what families can do:

  • Be aware and involved. Suggestions include: Check internet history and photos. Create tech-free zones. 
  • Use internet service provider parental controls (if available):
  • Use router parental controls (if available)
    • Find the make/model on your router > Perform an internet search for parental controls including your make/model
  • Options for parental control tools from 3rd parties (may require purchase):

‚Äč*We have not tested these products for recommendation.

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