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What is Target-Based Grading and Reporting?

Target-Based Grading communicates student proficiency on priority learning targets derived from the Wisconsin Academic Standards. Target-Based Grading identifies what a student knows, or is able to do, based on those pre-established learning targets.  West Salem School District believes the purpose of grading is to provide students and parents a snapshot view of a student's learning on academic and behavioral/life-ready skills at a particular point in time.

The foundational beliefs of Target-Based Reporting include:
  • Academic grades are dependent upon student proficiency against identified learning targets and are not influenced by non-academic factors.
  • Behavioral/life skills grades are also assessed and reported using defined rubrics. 
  • Students receive a separate grade for their current academic scores and behavioral/life skills scores.
  • To ensure accuracy in reporting what students know and can do against identified learning targets, extra credit as a way to increase a student's academic grade is not offered.
  • Homework is a tool that helps learning but is not used to determine a student's summative score for academics


Link to Grade-Level Learning Targets for All Courses 



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